What are the Largest Casinos in Europe?

What are the Largest Casinos in Europe?

December 12, 2019 Off By Kristin Simmons

What are the Largest Casinos in Europe?

For years, gaming has sensationally captured Europeans, resulting in countries across the continent investing in gaming halls. Of course, some of these casinos are more popular than others, and they include a few larger destinations in Europe. Such places feature several games and innumerable exciting ways for everyone to have fun when hanging out. 

Considering the five largest gaming halls around Europe reveals how important gambling can be. These casinos do not just feature many games: they also boast a variety of recreational features. From hot dining spots to historical destinations, these gaming halls have a lot to offer. 


Holland Casino Amsterdam 

Considered the most frequented casino in Netherlands, Holland Casino Amsterdam is among the 15 casinos belonging to the state. The destination attracts thousands of players daily, thanks to its strategic location right at the capital city’s center. Interestingly, it’s the only Holland casino that boasts a greater number of tourist visitors than locals. 

If you’re looking for a sleek, multi-level hall to play the latest table games and slots and enjoy entertainment and food, then it’s Holland Casino Amsterdam. Also, you can get live casino action here. 


Casino di Campione

This is one of the most iconic and distinct casinos in Europe. Located in Como, Italy, the Casino di Campione boasts 590,000 square feet of space with at least 550 games available. Find all the traditional games here and eat and drink at one of the casino’s three restaurants and bars.


The Casino de Monte Carlo

Established in 1863, the Casino de Monte Carlo is among the most iconic and popular casinos in the world. Notably, it inspired Ian Fleming, the inventor of the celebrated James Bond. 

The casino is one of the greatest entertainment spaces to visit, thanks to its noteworthy and attractive features, including at least 300 games and gaming rooms reserved for foreigners. 


Resorts World Birmingham

As one of the newest European casinos, the Resorts World Birmingham is a vibrant spot for a great nightlife in the UK’s Birmingham city. The Genting-owned establishment opened to the public in 2005.

With only 59,180 square feet of space, the casino has some of the greatest features in Birmingham. They include a four-star hotel, at least 200 games, and 18 dining spots. The casino also offers regular game lessons for learners.


The Casino at the Empire

The Caesars Entertainment-owned the Casino at the Empire opened recently but has already become a major hit among players, thanks to its elegant look. The casino’s 55,000 square feet space houses at least 150 games with a full poker room. 


Check them Out on Your Next Visit

Look for these large casinos on your next trip to Europe and have fun. 


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