Twitch Streamer suffered a loss of $5000 on BlackJack

Twitch Streamer suffered a loss of $5000 on BlackJack

March 5, 2020 Off By Kristin Simmons

Twitch Streamer suffered a loss of $5000 on BlackJack


Twitch is a live video streaming platform operated by Twitch Interactive, which is a subsidiary of Amazon company. mainly focuses on video game live streaming, which also includes broadcasts of eSports, music broadcasts, or creative content, and recently added: “in real lifestreams” or “IRL” in short.


Twitch Streamers has been bringing thousands upon thousands by live-streaming their online gameplay. Furthermore, with the platform branching out onto other walks of life, podcasts, cooking shows, betting markets on live streams and poker streams. Twitch streaming of online poker rose enormously. It seems that online BlackJack games are worth watching especially when there’s a large amount of money on the edge of the line with nothing to lose for the viewers.


Chance Morris or also known for his on-line alias “Sodapoppin” was born on February 15, 1994, started his streaming career on 21st November 2011. American Twitch streamer and an online temperament. He has garnered over more than 2.5 Million followers on the platform, the largest following Twitch has and also with over 200 Million views. Moreover, Morris also holds a Youtube channel with over 1 million subscribers and over 330,000,000  views as of late February 2019. Morris attracted thousands of viewers to his Twitch Live stream by playing various video games, games like World of Warcraft back then and Grand Theft Auto V recently.


In 2014 to 2015, Morris was live streaming BlackJack gambling on BetOnline.AG which features live dealers was winning and losing thousands. Morris landed at the live dealer BlackJack tables on the website, the games were peculiarly busy with a full table of 7 players in the action. The table’s betting limit was $100-$5,000, while other participants wagered the minimum of $100, Morris threw out a $5,000 bet as a promise for his stream. It was certainly a risky bet if he won it would be an amazing stunt and the viewers wouldn’t want to miss out.  


As the round was played, Morris got an Ace as his first card which puts him on a good spot. The dealer drew himself a mere 6. Later on, Morris got a Five on the next draw, which gave him either a Six or 16. He decided to hit and drew a Jack, which puts him on a hard spot of 16. As his turn came again he decided to stand on his hand and hoping for the dealer to bust on that 6.


Then the dealer drew a second six, with a total of 12 on the hand, which concludes that there’s only a face card that would be able to save Morris from losing. The dealer wished him best of luck as he drew a third six to finish the dealer’s hand, with a total of 18, luck was certainly not on his side as Morris lost $5000 on a single hand with a view count of over 43,000 viewers watching him on the stream. Morris instantly throws off his headphones, ran to the back of his room and goes completely nuts. Morris started throwing things and even going around throwing profanity. In the end, Morris can be seen in distressed as he ended his Twitch stream.


As an associate degree, a previous Chinese byword says “If you must play, decide upon 3 things at the start: the principles of the game, the stakes, and also when to quit. 


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