Netherlands Top Scorer and FIFA World Cup Player Robin van Persie Partners with as Brand Ambassador 2019-2020

Netherlands Top Scorer and FIFA World Cup Player Robin van Persie Partners with as Brand Ambassador 2019-2020

November 21, 2019 Off By Kristin Simmons

Netherlands Top Scorer and FIFA World Cup Player Robin van Persie Partners with as Brand Ambassador 2019-2020

BK8, a Malta based sports and entertainment betting casino, signed a deal with former Manchester United player Van Persie to represent their brand in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonasia and Malaysia.

This deal will help BK8 achieve their brand aim: to be the go-to sports casino for game enthusiasts all over Asia. With their innovative and honest approach to sports betting never before seen in Asia, the potential behind the brand is being quickly recognized. Extending and spreading BK8’s marketplace in the aforementioned countries to appeal to a larger audience will be initiated by deploying their rights over Van Persie’s image for their brand promotion. Visits from the Dutch football sensation around Asia for the purpose of endorsing and advertising BK8 will attract more customers and followers into their user-friendly and secure games and entertainment platform.

The FIFA 2010 bronze medal winner himself was eager to take part in this collaboration, saying he was “Thrilled to partner up with to promote the brand,” and that he will “Look forward to a successful partnership that would help them achieve their goals for the brand.”

Along with teaming up with ambassadors like Robin Van Persie and former Chelsea captain John Terry (their first ever ambassador), BK8 has also succeeded in gaining a great edge in their brand promotion through boosting their sponsorship portfolio. This has allowed BK8 to host successful tournaments such as the BK8 Cup, whose response was through the roof. BK8 plans to venture further into sports events organization with Van Persie. Trailing to Euro Cup, some exciting and engaging events are expected to emerge from the team efforts between BK8 and Van Persie.

With Robin Van Persie on the team, BK8 looks forward to extending not only their marketplace, but also their sports audience. General manager Lawrence Wayneson proudly declared to be “Confident that this partnership will bring additional value to our efforts in engaging sports enthusiasts in the gaming industry.” Wayneson further expressed BK8’s vision to engage “all kinds of sports audience” into their gaming platform alongside their current BK8 customers.

The key visionary of the potential behind the sensational footballer Van Hersie and one of the fastest growing sports brand in Asia was Mediapro Asia. After a contract was agreed on between the sports casino platform and Mediapro Asia to extend BK8’s broders into the properties owned by Medapro Asia, the benefits of working with the Arsenal FC football star was quickly recognized and availed.

This team collaboration is a very bright start to an abundance of opportunities of all three parties involved: the collective properties of Mediapro Asia, and the Dutch football star regarded as the best striker of his generation, Robert Van Hersie.


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