August 8, 2022

MYR588 Crypto Weekly Deposit Bonus

Crypto is becoming extremely popular in all parts of the globe, and the sphere of casino online gambling is no exception. Crypto provides anonymity as well as fast financial operations between players and casinos. One online casino in Malaysia that embraces this concept is me88. In fact, they offer an MYR588 crypto weekly deposit bonus. This article will explain this benefit in further detail.

For online casino players out there, promotions and bonuses are renowned and prominent attractions. These bonuses help in deciding players on whether to join the online casino or not. me88, a leading online casino in Malaysia, provides attractive sets of bonuses and promotions to entertain players from all parts of the globe.

me88 offers amazing rewards and gifts to loyal players such as new player bonuses, special bonuses as well as VIP member bonuses. Aside from this, they also provide goodies to sportsbooks, casinos, and slot gamers. There is also a special category of promotions that you need to check out.  From the time you join the site, you will immediately experience amazing prizes in the sort of promotions and bonuses. However, it is advisable to meet the requirements in order to become eligible for these bonuses and promotions.


MYR588 Crypto Weekly Deposit Bonus at me88 Casino

This is one of the best and amazing bonuses or promotions offered by me88; wherein all members are eligible to join. On the other hand, you are needed to fulfil three times turnover ( deposit plus bonus) in order to transfer or withdraw.

All other providers, excluding Allbet, 918KISS, MEGA888, and IDN, are eligible for this deal. me88 offers an 8% bonus with a maximum of MYR588 with three times turn over. Always bear in mind that it only applies to specific providers.


Time Duration of the Crypto Bonus

The first week starts on the 1 of November to the 7 of November. The second week will run on the 8 of November and end on the 14 of November. The third week will start on the 15th and end on the 21st. The fourth week will run on the 22nd and will end on the 28th, while the fifth and the last week will start on the 29 of November and end on the 5 of December. Make sure to grab this chance to take benefit of the bonus they offer.


How to Apply

If you want to apply for this kind of bonus, first and foremost, you must make a deposit of the minimum amount of MYR100 worth of BTC or USDT in a week to be eligible for the deposit bonus.  The eligibility of your applicator will be checked by the end of the week, and if you qualify, you will be notified through email every Monday. All qualified members should call customer service within seven days to claim this amazing bonus.

It is also advisable to state the chosen game walled to credit into the remark section while applying for promotion. Members can apply for this bonus every week.


Factors to Consider when Applying for this Bonus

The MYR 588 Crypto Weekly Deposit Bonus is subject to availability, and this is just valid if you click the Apply Now button upon complying with the requirements imposed by this online casino. The MYR 588 Crypto Weekly Deposit Bonus applies to certain game providers, so it is advisable to check the website or call the customer hotline number prior to joining the promotion.  The bonus you acquired from Perfect Attendance Lucky 88 is valid for seven days upon issuance. Your winnings, including the bonus, will be forfeited if you fail to meet the terms of the deal.

Only wagers on chosen products and games that make a win or loss outcome will add to the turnover requirement. Voided or cancelled wagers, as well as wages put on two opposite sides, will not be considered.  You cannot use this promotion along with other promotions offered by the me88 online casino.

To join this bonus or promotion, you should accept and obey or meet the terms mentioned, including the relevant regulations imposed by this online casino. This promotion is just for entertainment or as a kind of appreciation for the constant support to me88. So, if the company finds out that you have more accounts, they will retain the right to hold your account along with profit as well as balance. The company will also free your account if they suspect or verify that you are using dishonest means to abuse or cheat the bonus. Any team or organization and even individual suspected dishonest activities, your account will be forfeited.



The MYR588 Crypto Weekly Deposit Bonus is one of the many bonuses or promotions offered by the trusted online casino me88. This was intended to provide fun and excitement to the players. Make sure to adhere to the laws and restrictions of this online casino while using this bonus.