Microgaming to add new table games via Switch Studios

Microgaming to add new table games via Switch Studios

January 23, 2020 Off By Kristin Simmons

Microgaming to add new table games via Switch Studios


Microgaming will be introducing new table games into its collection due to new developments done by Switch Studios. Microgaming is a company that supplies award-winning gaming software to operators around the world. It also set a Guinness World Record title for the ‘Largest jackpot payout in an online slot machine game’ back in 2015. Its company is located in the Isle of Man. New content has been created by Switch Studios explicitly for Microgaming, up to six new games will be launched soon.


Recently Developed Game Content

With rather big aspirations, Switch Studios have explicitly made games that focus strongly on the immersion aspect for the table game genre. These games have also been enhanced for both desktop and mobile platforms in terms of gameplay. The developer had just previously launched the ‘European Blackjack’ this year and has now moved on to develop some blackjack games.


Atlantic City Blackjack, Vegas Downtown Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack and Classic Blackjack were some of the games that were recently launched on the fourth of December. Vegas Single Deck Blackjack will follow suit a week later and will be launched on December 11th. Every single one of the blackjack games presents to players a classic casino game but has been given a new touch with top notch gaming action accompanied with designs kept minimalistic. Players will be waiting eagerly to get their hands on and try out the Vegas Single Deck Blackjack soon.


Gamers playing these games developed by Switch Studios will be able to fully utilize a very useful feature called the ‘Standard Side Bets’ feature. With this feature included in all its games, players will be able to Split Hands, Double Down, and Insurance. Besides this amazing feature, top tier quality animations and enhanced sound effects are also provided by Switch Studios. A great amount of effort is put into ensuring that players will be able to enjoy one of the best gaming experiences in their life.


Besides all these aforementioned endeavors, the developers still have many plans ahead. They are currently also planning to create a new baccarat game. Baccarat will be up and running on December 11th on Microgaming as well. In this game, players will be given a platform to participate in the table game that has its roots on the Eastern classic. By offering a multi-platform based online, the developers have updated this classic game to satisfy the modern day needs of the new generation of gamers.

A mechanic called ‘Card Squeeze’ will be used in the baccarat game. It is where players are able to pull, peel, flip, or rotate their cards, ensuring an experience that guarantees maximum immersion. It has also been announced that a Scorecard feature will be included which is customizable according to each player’s wishes.


James Buchanan, who currently holds the position of Director of Global Operations at Microgaming, pitched in on the new games about to be released. He said that with the release of the six new titles from Switch Studios made solely for Microgaming, they have now increased the collection of games they offer. All of these games fulfil their vision of revitalizing the market with fun experiences.