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How to Install MEGA888 in Android?

Mega888 is one of the most popular casinos with currently many mobile games in Malaysia; it is the most popular because it has some amazing features, and also there is room to play all kinds of casino games available in the gaming software. Mega888 apps are the best for casino games; it allows you play several casino games online. So far as the casino games were released, this is the best one. Here is how to install Mega888 on your android smartphone

Step 1: Go to any browser on your Android mobile if you use an android phone, or go to the browser of your phone if it isn’t android, e.g. an iPhone.

Step 2: On the browser’s search box, type the words Mega888 download. You should see a drop down of many websites showing you how to download the game to download; select from the options and click on the site.

Step 3: on the site you have clicked, you will have to verify if it is the real app. How do you verify if it is the real app? You do this by looking up other people’s reviews and comments on it before downloading, that will inform your decision. After verifying the authenticity of the app, you can start the game download according to your mobile version.

Step 4: Once the game has finished downloading, it automatically saves on your mobile device. You can click on the game icon, proceed to install the game with all the necessary information and start playing.


Mega888 Playing Guide

All games available on Mega888 have specific rules and those rules are to be adhered to, to ensure smooth play when you play on your device. The more you play these casino games, the better you get yourself acquainted with the rules of the game. After successfully downloading and installing the game on your smartphone, you would have to choose a partner first to play the game on Mega888. Then, you place your bet based on the knowledge and understanding you have acquired about the game. It is advised that you keep your eyes on the casino wheel when it is rotated; it is important to keep an eye on it because these games are usually symbols. Then, when the wheel turns around, the mark or target of the wheel also turns and falls at a point; the player whose bet coincides with the mark or target gets all that comes with winning that bet, the player will get all the money. There are many types of symbols, such as elephant horse’s chicken monkeys, King Queen, and several others used in playing at Mega888. Players can decide to save a mark as they wish and put money on it; since gambling is based on luck, many players believe in having lucky marks,  so if you have a lucky mark you can pick it up and put money on it.