MEGA888 & 918KISS 150% WELCOME BONUS for BK8

MEGA888 & 918KISS 150% WELCOME BONUS for BK8

November 14, 2019 Off By Kristin Simmons

MEGA888 & 918KISS 150% WELCOME BONUS for BK8

Have you ever tried online casinos to win massive luxurious awards and cash? Well, online gaming slots or casinos are becoming trendier and more famous nowadays. Everywhere around the world people get connected and can win prized by just playing on their phones, laptops, tabs, etc. they just have to sign in or download the app to get themselves registered and then enjoy in a casino by just sitting in their home or at any relaxation spot they want to. Therefore, these are different sites to play online games and enjoy trusted online casino malaysia.


The Authenticity of Online Gaming Slots:

Not every online gaming website is an authentic site for playing and becoming a part of online casinos. Some sites are a fraud as they do not give prizes or cash won in the game. Some sites even extract data of the players and then they track their financial statement and bank accounts leaving them bankrupt. Therefore, these sites can be pretty dangerous to play as they are illegal as well. It is better and really important for you to go for the authentic sites that are safe to play and ensure high security for your profile as well. The most authentic site to play online casinos is BK8. There are numerous new online games introduced in BK8 that encourage players to win more and more cash prizes and different massive awards. There are even different promos introduced along with the games so that the players subscribe and register them by enjoying a good amount of discounts as well. These promos are given to the new player especially so that they can just subscribe and play as a trial in the initial days. Therefore, to enjoy these promos you just have to download the BK8 app in your gadgets or follow the game to enjoy promos and win cash prizes by depositing the minimum amount. Win more and pay less!


Enjoy Mega and Kiss 150% Welcome Bonus on BK8:

Enjoy the biggest welcome bonus on BK8 and win loads of prizes. As a first-timer, you just have to deposit a minimum amount of about MYR 50 and then enjoy the 150% off promo in the Mega and Kiss wallet. Just transfer the minimum amount through the game’s wallet and earn the maximum amount of money back by winning numerous prizes. After transferring the money just apply the promo “Mega and Kiss 150% Welcome Bonus” to avail the discount. You can learn more about 918kiss information by clicking The gaming app will allow you to play 6 times as much award as you paid for while depositing the amount. This means that you are never in the loss.

Some Conditions for the Players:

  •       There are some terms and conditions that need to be ensured by the players. These conditions are as follows:
  •       The promo code is applicable for a specific game and not all the games.
  •       Promo codes should be used within 30 days.
  •       Void bets or canceled bets will not be considered.
  •       BK8 is allowed to terminate the promo at any time.
  •       Only live table games and slot games will be considered for the turnover.

You Can Download Mega888 APK Here or Download 918Kiss APK Here and claim your welcome bonus today !

MEGA888 & 918KISS 150% WELCOME BONUS for BK8



The promo code is only for Mega and Kiss BK8 games. Therefore, the players should be careful while applying the promo code. Do not waste time and quickly apply the code as it is available for a limited period.


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