Things You Should Know When Playing kiss918 ONLINE SLOTS

Things You Should Know When Playing kiss918 ONLINE SLOTS

April 20, 2020 Off By Kristin Simmons

Things You Should Know When Playing Kiss918 ONLINE SLOTS


kiss918 is an amazing online casino game slots that is popular all around the world. It provides an exciting experience of online gaming with a real taste of casinos without even visiting the casino physically. This online gaming platform offers a wide range of games to suit a variety of tastes of different players.

918Kiss has laid down some important things and rules for its members. These are discussed in detail below;

For New Registered Members

All new registered members are only entitled to 1 official account which will require personal contact number, residence address, bank account details, and IP address. No person will be allowed to operate more than 1 account. In case if caught doing so, the official account will also be terminated permanently. Not only this, the representative has a complete right to withdraw all the amount of money from the account holder and transfer it to the 918kiss account as a penalty. 

Login and Password

Incase if members face problems while logging into the account or forgot their password, they should contact customer service representatives as early as possible. Customer service is available for the members 24/7 by 918kiss. They will further assist the members and guide them to log in to their accounts easily.

Age Limit

The new customers must be at least 18 years of age to register as a member of 918kiss. To learn more about 918kiss, click They will be asked for proof of age during the registration process. Their account will remain suspended until and unless they provide sufficient documents as proof of age.


918kiss ensures the confidentiality of all the information of the members. But the members are also asked not to share their confidential details such as account number, username, and passwords with anyone else. In case if they find any suspicious activities in their account, they should notify 918kiss immediately. 918kiss will not be responsible for any of the suspicious activities and the customer will be directly responsible for those transactions.

Cancel Or Change Of Bet

Members are not allowed to cancel or change the bet once they have placed the bet and have confirmed it. That transaction will be considered complete by 918kiss and the customer has to pay to 918kiss.

Void of Bets

918kiss has a complete right to void or cancel any bets made by the customer or group of customers who tried to commit a fraud. If 918kiss gets any evidence of a series of bets that reflect fraudulent activity, 918kiss will immediately suspend the accounts and stop the money withdrawal transactions by the customers.


The customers are bound by all the terms and conditions laid down by 918kiss once they access the website or mobile app of 918kiss. Therefore, they should make sure that they read and understand all those terms and conditions. Once they have gone through and understood all the contents, then only they should press I AGREE button. This will stand as a proof that the customer has understood all the contents and agree with them as well.

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