Is Gambling Research Really all that Useful?

Is Gambling Research Really all that Useful?

December 19, 2019 Off By Kristin Simmons

Is Gambling Research Really all that Useful?

For years, several studies related to gambling and people’s desire to gamble have been conducted. The resulting gambling research has often pointed out that the public is looking for additional means of playing casino games. However, this is far from the truth. 

A keen observer can easily notice the many issues that surround these studies. Gambling research isn’t as important as many people might assume. Contrarily, these studies are often misleading. Understanding who funds the research and what the agenda is can help you know why the reports are not very useful. 


Fund Acceptance

The majority of gambling research institutions often accept money from casinos and gaming operators. The money is typically meant to fund a wide range of projects, some of them being outside the issue’s realm. 

Consequently, the recipients may skew these projects to favor the gambling sector, intending to receiving more funding. Therefore, some of the research reports may exhibit extreme prejudice. 

The problem is that the cost of running a gambling research project can be extremely high. As a result, getting support and completing such undertakings becomes more difficult. That is why research organizations consider anyone that would help them get added funding.


The US and Gambling Research

There’s a big problem when it comes to gambling research funding in the US. Since research organizations receive only a fraction of what similar institutions in Canada and Australia get, they tend to look for alternative ways of securing funds. As a result, their funders can easily influence their reporting.



Since funding gambling research projects are costly, many groups have undertaken to offer help including:

  • Financially stable gaming sites. These groups identify themselves with the support of such projects because they want to appear as socially responsible businesses.
  • Individual organizations, like The Responsible Gaming Trust, that govern most of the gambling industry.
  • Retail industries that are committed to supporting a wide range of gambling-related studies usually aim to educate the public about their operations.
  • Independent donors. Such people might have direct links to casinos and other gambling operations.


Fearful Researchers

It is of great concern that some of the researchers might fear when they think about what might happen to them after completing certain projects. Especially, those who know their funders might be unwilling to finish some tasks. Their fear might be involving themselves in the unlawful support of certain groups.


What the Public Should Do

The public should raise concerns over gambling research because completely trusting such reports is being unreasonable. 


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