August 8, 2022
Does the time of day affect how much I win or lose at online slot games

Does The Time Of Day Affect My Win Rate At Online Slot Games?

Slots paying out more at a given time of day is a persistent urban legend that has been circling around the online casino scene ever since online casinos were first implemented more than a decade ago. The lingering question that still haunts some beginner players today and causes them to make amateur mistakes when trying to win it big in slot games are: “Is there a method or program within slots that boosts your odds of striking the jackpot? Is there a specific time frame in the day to achieve maximum win rate while playing online slots, and if so, how do I exploit this?” Today, our team at me88 will help settle such questions by investigating, studying and revealing the optimal time to play slot machines so that you, too, can win it big and secure the big jackpot in no time.



Unfortunately, based on all the statistics we have gathered and research we have done, slot machines do not follow the clock, putting the concept of the optimal time to play slot machines for bigger rewards as no more than mere urban legend. From what source did the assertion by many that online slot games in all online casinos offer a higher amount of rewards during a specific time frame come from? We have the answer right here. This phenomenon is merely due to confirmation bias among casino visitors. Try to imagine a person adopting a single idea to be the reality after studying other people’s tales that support this view. They will not explore alternative stories that will not support this viewpoint or will make it wrong.

When someone seeks the ideal time to play slot machines, they will discover players reporting Double Jackpot hits during Fridays. These superstitious slot game players will also add to the belief with their account, making the story believable for other players. The conclusion here is that there are no specific times when slots tend to hit frequently.



In actuality, online slot games do not make any effort to track time of day using a clock or a timer or other means, however, there is some truth in saying that online slot games, though not all, do employ a clock to generate a random outcome. Every digital slot game uses RNG, a term surely familiar among the gaming community, to check and verify if a spin by a player ends with a victory or the usual defeat.

Beginners can view the RNG in online slot games as simple six-sided dice, showing numbers from one to six. However, normal RNG can be predictable, allowing a considerable number of individuals to uncover a pattern and acquire a huge edge over the house. This is where a newer, more advanced RNG system comes in — known as the PRNG. PRNG systems employ a sophisticated mathematical algorithm to provide unexpected outputs. This type of outcome is the one you would receive from rolling an actual dice or coin in real life. 

We can liken this system as attempting to simulate entropy from the real world into the online world of slot games. What is happening here is that a key-value or some would call it, a seed is generated from certain sources, this seed will be the item to affect the outcome of the PRNG system. It contains numerous potential numbers as it travels through the system, passing through some complicated equations and helping in the process of differentiating a winning pull of a slot game from a losing pull. PRNG systems get their seed from the state of the hardware it is operating from. One of these sources is the system clock itself while others will extract it from the number of keyboard strokes, so, there you have it, the clock is not the only source that determines the outcome of the slot game, there are too many variables at play here.

The short answer for the question posed in the title is: No, there is no optimal times to play slot games online. Whenever you play, the chances are equal. This is why slot games are so popular because they are fair and simple to play. Plus they are engaging, exciting and has a huge payout. Head on over to me88 if you wish to learn more about slot games.