August 26, 2020 Off By Kristin Simmons


Since the inception of online casinos, lots of lotteries, sweepstakes, have invented dishonest methods of play to steal people’s money. Many online scammers are out there to rob people of their cash without minding how they would feel; here are some of the ways these online casino scammers work, to keep you informed and avoid being a victim


  1.   Affiliate programs

This is a scheme used in most network marketing; bring a friend and get a reward from his wins. You or your friend can play in an online casino and invite acquaintances to increase their income. Casino owners control game algorithms operation on the platforms in order to let a player ultimately loses more than he wins; the more people gamble in the casino, the more money they lose. So, the bring a friend get his wins is a scam most fake online casinos use; although, there are promotions for referrals but those too good to be true wins most scammers use to catch people, especially greedy ones are clear red flags to avoid scams.


  1.   Unique winning scheme.

Most scam is channeled towards novice or people who want to make quick money; the scammer makes people believe he has a sure formula to win on online casinos. Using scientific activity or outstanding mathematical abilities to convince you about professionalism, and then they drop the bombshell; pay for the formula. This is a clear fraud tactics and gamblers should be careful to avoid these scams. Gambling on online casino is a game of luck, there really is no sure way to a sure win.


  1.   Knowing the weak points in the algorithm.

Most fraudsters always claim they have found soft spots in the work of a certain casino and is ready to share this information; to involve you and get you all excited, they confirm you do not know when casino owners will identify this vulnerability and urges you to hurry and take advantage. If the fraudster collaborates with the casino, they receive a percentage of your loss. Be careful of this kind of people to avoid being scammed.


  1.   Game without investment.

Since these casino platforms are online; scammers come in the same medium via social network, to offer you play at a specific casino on his money and promise you a winning strategy and deposit. They give you lots of juicy offers at first without your cash involved; you have nothing to lose, but you get paid. On accepting the offer, they end up being duped; if you lose money, the fraudster threatens you in order get them back while if you win, the fraudster refuses to pay for your services, and limits your access to the account.


  1.   God’s mode

There are owners of any online casino who can control user accounts and track their game Noticing that you are lucky more than others (or simulating such a situation), they change algorithm relating you. Be careful of casinos who do such.