August 8, 2022

150% 918Kiss & Mega888 Welcome Bonus

If there is something online casino players crave, it is the reward for their bets. However, not each stake leads to dividends. Sometimes you lose; sometimes you win. It is also frustrating, wherein the losses are higher than the winnings- most notably for beginners. Keeping this thing in mind, me88, one of the best and reputable online casinos in Malaysia, keeps on finding ways to boost the chances of players winning- for example, by presenting specific promotions and bonuses. With this offer, online players are able to feel less pressure on their bankrolls. Consequently, players will have more fund to bet and more playing time to enjoy; as a result, winning become possible compared to before. If you want to know more about the promotions and bonuses offered by me88, like the 150% 918Kiss & Mega888 Welcome Bonus, then keep reading.


What is me88?

Online casino gamers in Malaysia may rely on me88 to be a trustworthy and respectable platform. They offer top-notch games like sportsbooks, live casinos, slots, online fish shooting games, poker, and esports. A security deposit and transaction mechanism are also provided for the participants. New members can obtain a 168% Welcome Bonus and exclusive casino bonuses.


150% 918Kiss & Mega888 Welcome Bonus Overview

me88 online casino offers a plethora of incentives and rewards. Some of these bonuses include crypto weekly bonus, perfect attendance lucky 88, and many more. However, one of the most popular bonuses this online casino offered is the 150% 918Kiss & Mega888 Welcome Bonus.

The 150% 918Kiss & Mega888 Welcome Bonus took the welcome bonus and promotion offered by me88 Malaysia Online Casino to a higher level. This is ideal for newbie players who choose to play fishing games and slots. In addition to the original investment, they will get a 150% incentive.

There will be a one-month window for this campaign. Hence, online players have 30 days to make the most of their bets as well as obtain the utmost bonus ever. On the other hand, before this promotion can be obtained, online players need to have a ten times turnover, which starts from the initial deposit plus bonus.

For instance, if your first-time deposit is MYR150 and the 150% bonus plus MYR225, then the total deposit will be MYR375. Now, in order to claim this bonus, you need to get a ten times turnover of your initial deposit + bonus that is 10 x MYR375= MYR3750. You may spend this money on whatever you choose.


How to Qualify for 150% 918Kiss & Mega888 Welcome Bonus

This welcome bonus is only applicable to new members only who choose to play slot and fishing games. So, ensure to pay attention to the rules of the game prior to making a commitment.

How to Apply 150% 918Kiss & Mega888 Welcome Bonus

  • This bonus is valid when you make a first-time deposit or transfer.
  • In your account, click the “Transfer” button.
  • Key in the amount you transfer from “My Wallet” to the 918KISS/MEGA888 wallet.
  • Pick 918KISS/MEGA888 Welcome Bonus from the list of the promo code.


Conditions to Follow

The 918KISS/MEGA888 promo is subject to availability, and this just applies to MEGA888 online casino App, including fishing games and slots. Your bonus will be credited to MEGA888 upon successful transfer. The bonus you obtained from this promo is valid for one month upon issuance unless stated otherwise. You cannot use this promotion along with other promotions offered by the me88 Malaysia online casino.

Only bets put on chosen products that make a win or loss result will add the turnover prerequisite. Voided or cancelled wagers and those put on two opposite sides are not included.


How To Claim Your Welcome Bonus

Aside from the steps mentioned above on the turnover requirements, another vital and essential thing that every player must observe and be aware of is, of course, the rules and regulations which may apply for a specific bonus or promotion this online casino offers.

Once you read, understand as well as accept the conditions and terms needed, your next move is to get the utmost number of turnovers, and you’re good to go.


To Sum Up

The truth of the matter is that not every casino online provides these massive bonuses and promotions like the me88. And not every online platform prioritizes new players enough to provide a 168% as well as 150% welcome bonus. For this reason, the least a newbie can do on me88 is to take benefit of these promotions, make the initial deposit, and begin winning remarkable and amazing rewards.

So, what are you waiting for? Join me88 now to acquire the 150% 918Kiss & Mega888. This will surely give you a high chance of winning a huge amount of money that you can use in a very important matter.