10 Main Ways How People Are Cheating At Poker

10 Main Ways How People Are Cheating At Poker

January 16, 2020 Off By Kristin Simmons

10 Main Ways How People Are Cheating At Poker

Although poker is designed to be actually a game combining strategy and luck, cheating is quite a common incident.  Casino operators wonder how anybody can cheat at poker, yet this still happens rather often. 

To avoid falling victim to cheating at poker, watch out for the following common threats

Card marking

Card marking is an activity that commonly happens at live poker tables. Here, a player may make a small and unique bend on a card in an attempt to make a particular card slightly more noticeable on the table.  This could actually involve small details or changes. However, many skilled casino personnel can easily notice when certain cards are somehow marked.  

Invisible Card marking 

Another type of cheating at poker entails undetectable card marking.  It is an extremely complicated kind of cheating that involves producing an infrared signal on a card, and if properly planned, can work. 

A colourless liquid which can only be detected using infrared light may be applied on a sequence of cards. A person then wears a certain chain of contact lenses that enables him to properly see infrared light and spot the marked cards with ease.  This is an intricate trick that would require collaboration with one casino staff to facilitate the marking of cards in some way ahead of an event. This is illegal and can land many people in hot soup. 

Chip Alterations

Finally, another form of cheating involves altering of chips in different ways.  These include painting chips, or adding some stickers onto them. This is meant to make them look different from how they originally looked, and show that particular chips are actually worth more than other chips in a specific game. 

Superusers account

Here, a person may gain access to more operations on a certain online poker website. A person may try to get information on specific players using a moderator program while playing. However, for this cheating to happen, the poker room itself must be involved in the process. 

Cameras to spy on poker players

Certain poker players with a lot of information on other poker professionals they are playing with may look for ways of obtaining details on where they live, to the extent of secretly installing cameras inside the residences of other players whom they intend to trounce. 

A camera is set up in the place where that person’s computer is and aimed at the screen, allowing the player to make out what the other players’ cards may be.                             

Counterfeit chips

Fake chips are frequently used in several casinos, and they can mainly be found online. They can be dangerous since it is not easy to tell them from the genuine ones, and they can, in some way, be difficult to use them as well. 

Here, poker players can get online to obtain additional chips illegally. This could work with a strategy to adjust a player’s chip total without necessarily spending any extra cash at a time. In fact, it could give the impression that a player has more chips to work with at a particular time than any other person playing a game. 

The use of malware

A poker player may contact a person who would like to play along someday. Then, while interacting with the targeted person online for some time – especially via an online chat program – a person may send a malware program (which works with any online poker program a person is using) to the targeted person’s computer.  This enables a player to view the hole cards that a targeted person gets. 

Pre-installed malware

Here, a person may sell computers that contain pre-installed software to poker players, with the ability to reveal a person’s hole cards.  A normal player may not notice it but could start losing a lot without being aware that his cards are actually being exposed. 

Bogus blogger work

A player may interestingly use fake bloggers to cheat.  Here, someone might attend an event sent as a sideline journalist for online websites for the purpose of spotting various kinds of things that may occur in the course of a match.   A bogus blogger may attempt to steal information from a player’s hole cards while signaling the same to another poker player. 

Online collusion

This is an activity that may involve establishing some form of conspiracy as a way of trying to cheat someone or be somehow deceptive.